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SU2C Single-Cell Multi-omics Convergence Research Team: Single-Cell Functional Multi-omics to Characterize and Monitor CAR T Therapy

Grant Term: January 2018–December 2020

This SU2C Single-Cell Multi-omics Convergence Research Team aims to identify biomarkers that will predict the efficacy and potential side effects of CAR T therapy in individual patients. The team is developing computational models combining topological analysis—looking at multiple data sets across many fields—and machine learning to better understand the causes of therapeutic efficacy and toxicity.


Immunotoxicity and autoimmune-like response are significant problems hindering widespread use of cancer therapies that harness the body’s own immune system. A major player in the immune response are cytokines, substances secreted by some immune cells to trigger other cells in response to a signal, such as recognition of a foreign body.

To understand this response, the SU2C Single-Cell Multi-omics Convergence Research Team is assessing the full spectrum of cytokine functions in patients prior to treatment and matching these with patient responses to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T therapy. The team is then evaluating the function of the infused CAR T cells to determine the mechanisms of efficacy and/or immune toxicity. Researchers are also identifying molecular characteristics underlying the efficacy and toxicity of CAR T therapy and looking for biomarkers by examining their data using computational models and machine learning.

The team’s aim is to create a tool that clinicians can use to mitigate patient risk associated with CAR T therapies while improving the chances of therapeutic success.


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